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Тысяча и одна байка

Sabor Cubano
There's no better place for lazing around than Cuba. In your first visit to this magical time-warped place most probably you won't have any time to take a break and do some chilling "a lo cubano" (cuban style). The must-see list is pretty impressive and the time is too precious to waste it for something you consider to be a mere quirk of an idler. But if you have the luxury of not rushing from one landmark to another or drooling over the posh retro cars you might want to follow the example of most cubans and simply enjoy the moment.
Starting from my very first encounter I knew that cubans are one-of-a-kind people: those who value the present moment over the past and the future. What's the point of crying over spilt milk or rushing into your future when you're missing the most precious thing we've been given - our actual life that is happening here and now. When I see their luminous smiles I know that they are sharing this particular moment with the rest of their friends without losing a tiniest bit of it.
So here's what you do in those lazy afternoon hours when there's still plenty of time before your next fiesta: you drag your rocking chair closer to the window shutters that are wide open during the day, pour yourself some "ron cubano" (yeah, that mindblowing cuban rum) add a tiny bit of cola, light your MonteCristo - Che's favourite choice of cigars - and enjoy yourself. As simple as that. Those who don't fancy alcohol at noon should take some fresh guava juice instead. Just listen to the music of the city - Havana is vibrating with energy and abounding with rich colours. You can always hear its heartbeat - people are going down the street clapping the rhythm of clave. If somebody by any chance starts contributing to the melody the street might just burst into dancing. You hear children laughing and enjoying the simplest things of life - something that's been forgotten in most of the so-called developed countries. You see families going together for a lunch at a fancy place: something they can afford only on special occasions which makes these moments truly memorable and festive. You see young men and women flirting with each other and embracing their sexuality without being awkward or too shy. When the night casts its shadow you hea the hypnotic beat of the Santeria drums summoning up the spirits of the Orishas. And then while sipping your cuba libre you realise that only the people most deprived of everything can truly enjoy whatever life brings them.
What a simple thing for consideration: happiness doesn't just knock at your door shaped in a suitcase full of money. It's always there, scattered all over your life in little pieces that make up a big something. Look around: have you noticed that green-eyed handsome guy smiling at you? Have you seen how stunning is today's sunset at Malecon? Have you truly given the credit to all those people that are always around you? Have you ever danced all night long?
If there's one thing you should learn from cubans it's the mastery of living like there's no tomorrow. Oh, and cuban salsa, of course.